Rowen VonPlagenhoef

LPCE Fellow 2020 - 2021

Contact Information

Rowen VonPlagenhoef is a senior at Harvard University studying Integrative Biology with a secondary in Energy and Environment. He is a content co-developer for LabXchange and was a finalist in the Talents Paris 2024 startup competition for a project developed as part of the Biopolis. Rowen's experiences range from interning at a Nference, a biomedical startup in Kendall Square, to managing the Harvard Glee Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. He is currently working on a startup that creates a carbon neutral ammonia fertilizer generation process.

- Clean Energy
- Energy Policy/Initiatives
- Environmental Economics
- Smart Urban Design
- Health Data Analysis
- Nonprofit Management
- Music and Singing
- Travel/Tour Planning